Thursday, November 21, 2019

Distribution Of Oil In The United States Scholarship Essay

Distribution Of Oil In The United States - Scholarship Essay Example The business organization in consideration is advised to consider partnering with a Canadian firm which will help it and will shoulder some of the risks involved. Partnering with an established business organization in the foreign market will support the ease of entry. Also, since it is already knowledgeable about consumer behavior and preferences, the American oil distributor is more able to come up with a strategy which will suit the unique needs of customers. In terms of marketing, the US firm together with its partner will focus on stressing the overall organizational image of the parent company. However, product prices and customer service will be tailored according to market conditions. Business organizations are irrefutably recognizing the importance of operating in a socially responsible way with the rapid rise of more discriminating buyers who are willing to pay a premium in order to purchase a product which is certified to be produced by an "ethical" firm. The company's clamor for being socially responsible is often seen in their campaigns and programs to give back to the community through various means. This strategy is often to build a consistent image of operating environmentally, socially, and ethically. However, this can only be built through a consistent effort in operating in the same manner from country to country. It is becoming more apparent that huge business organizations often become lax in pushing for more responsible operations in countries where customers are less discriminating and have less purchasing power. It has been taken for granted that these developing markets are hungry for foreign direct investments while government officials do not even care if operations are done sustainably. On the other hand, consumers choice are not dependent on ethical operations but on pricing strategies.

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